#12Things - My best productivity and self appreciation hack

"Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others. - Brian Tracy"

Do you agree with this sentiment?

I definitely do, but I also recognise that sometimes you need to take some time and focus for yourself in order to be able to share more love.

If you're anything like me, you're a person who loves to be in service to others and maybe finds it hard to say no even when you know you really should.

Maybe you're also self-employed with a lot of ideas and dreams but can't really find the right focus.

Perhaps you're nothing like me, but you're a parent, a carer or someone who has a lot of responsibilities and people depending on you.

You've got an endless to-do list, yet at the end of the day you somehow feel absolutely depleted but also like you've accomplished nothing.

If this is you, then I've got a trick for you that will help.

I call it "12 Things".

Each morning I write down:

3 things that I will do that day for my own health and wellbeing.

3 things that I need to do to further my career.

3 things or chores that need to be done.

3 things simply for my own enjoyment.

Using this system has helped me to gain a clearer focus on WHY I am doing something, and to stay focused while I am doing the task at hand as I know I will be able to claim a "treat" after it.

I also end up going to bed feeling more satisfied knowing I have ticked things off my list that day, even if the things ticked off is "watch Brooklyn 99".

Often we forget to schedule in things that makes ourselves feel good, and just rush to do things for everyone else or for our work.

A friend of mine who I introduced this system to said that it opened her eyes to how little she does for her own enjoyment during the day and how much time she commits to housework and career.

She's now trying to change this up and make it more balanced.

So what sort of things go under each category?

3 Things for Me - Doctor/Dentist appointment, workouts, implementing diet changes, signing up for coaching, journal writing, everything and anything that you should do and feel better from doing but often forget to.

3 Things for My Career - Of course different depending on what you work with but for me it may look like this: Filming videos, creating content, writing, sending emails, scheduling a newsletter, checking up with a client, class planning.

3 Things for the House/Chores - The things we cannot avoid; laundry, iron, grocery shopping, cleaning the bathrooms, buying school supplies, posting letters, etc.

3 Thing for Fun - Anything goes, big or small, as long as it makes you feel good without any judgement; watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, reading a book, swimming in the ocean, going to a museum, buying a beautiful new notebook. - whatever puts smile on your face and is purely done for you, it belongs in this category.

The categories will be different for each of us, however I highly encourage you to keep the "3 Things for Me" section as well as the " 3 Things for Fun".

Now of course some days you're not going to be able to get around to doing all 12 things, or some days you end up only doing the "Fun" section while the "Chores" and "Career" section looks a little barren.

This is where my final step comes in, and it's probably the most important one.

At the end of the day, below your 12 Things I want you to write down 3 things that you are proud of yourself for doing that day.

They don't have to be related to your list of things above it, but it's important that you do this final step.

Changing your mindset to one of self appreciation will not only make you feel happier and more confident, but it will also spur you on to get things done of your list.

Wherever we lay our focus we will bring more of into our lives - it's up to us however to decide whether we see the negatives or the positives.

What will your categories look like? Share with me in the comments!

Ready to get started with your #12Things? You can easily do this by using any notebook or piece of paper, but to get you going I've created a worksheet to help you out. Download it HERE


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